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Only Make New Mistakes!

February 21, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Dad was the best man I ever met. More on that some other time.

Today’s topic is his elegant, laconic turns of phrase, delivered at just the right moment. I call them Dad-isms.

My most favorite Dad-ism is:

 …wait for it…

Dave, some days you don’t have the sense God gave a chair.”

This one leads my Top 10 List because it was so true so often. Why? Because, even as kids and teenagers go, I was among the most lame and pointless. Hopefully, I’m less so now.

Dad passed away years ago. But, too often even today, I have reason to hear his quiet baritone say these words in my mind. And now, as then, I know it’s a fact at that moment.

Eventually, in my late teens, I set a personal goal to at least make only new mistakes. So now, after I’ve climbed out of the most recent self-dug hole, I try to figure out how to do better next time, and then actually do that when the next time comes around.

Sometimes, it even works!

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