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Business Hours

Hawaii is a paradise. Perfect climate, spectacular beaches, beautiful landscapes, great people, no noxious critters and few annoying bugs. Follow the state mantra of ‘Hang loose’ and recharge there when you can.

'Hang Loose' Philosophy

Part of hanging loose is not to let the clock be your master. My favorite example of this ‘relaxed timing’ is a sign I found in an attractive, well-run shop on the island of Kauai. As soon as I read it, I chuckled and slowed down another healthy notch. It was actually therapeutic.

But, the folks working in that shop did not hang loose. They just helped their customers feel that way. In addition to being as friendly as anyone could ask, the shop folks themselves were efficient, punctual and professional. Every day.

Bodysurfing is my favorite form of recreation!

Even there, in the cradle of Hang Loose ethos, it’s hard work that makes it possible for the rest of us to relax and de-stress. I appreciate it. Each one of my dozen or so visits to the islands has been a perfect Hang Loose experience.

On the other hand, too much loose hanging is not good. If it were the norm rather than a pleasant, healthy exception, Hang Loose would knock the wheels off civilization’s Progressmobile. In Hawaii, it would kill their Golden Goose of tourism.

Snorkling off the Na Pali Coast of Kauai

Back on the mainland for example, the loose hangers are not paying guests seeking to recharge, but mostly parasites exploiting others. “Close enough for government work” is not close enough at all when you are one of its victims. And the rest of us are forced to either pick up the slack for these slackers or let things spiral further down. At great, growing and pointless cost.

As with the Hawaiians, time to hang loose is earned, not a right. The islanders are just lucky enough to be able to spend what they have earned right outside their own front doors. For me, no other place comes close to Hawaii. That’s where I relax to the max when I can.

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