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An Angel in the Baptistery

The city of Pisa has done a great job with the site of its famous leaning tower, cathedral and baptistery. Lovely lawns and pathways give visitors a perfect frame for their photos of the magnificent architecture.

The Baptistery in Pisa, Italy, with the Duomo and leaning tower in the background

And it is magnificent. An avid photographer like me was ecstatic to be there on a bright, clear day. But even more magnificent is a sound that I heard there. One that I carried away as my greatest memory of Pisa.

The Baptistery was finished in 1363 after 210 years of construction. And as gorgeous as it is to the eye, its perfect acoustics are even more pleasing to the ear. Truly a Heavenly experience. This link will take you to a short video that I shot there of an Italian girl with an angel’s voice showing just how marvelous this 650 year old design truly is.

The audio is my ring tone.

It’s nice to have Angels call you.

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