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E-ticket to Cinque Terre

Exploring Italy’s steep, rugged Cinque Terre coast can be the medieval version of a Disney E-ticket ride. All you Extreme Travelers and anyone else who likes marvelous scenery, get there when you can. Portovenere is the lovely, small harbor that bounds the region on the south. And the largest Cinque Terre town, Monterosso, is at the northern end, about fifteen miles away and a quick train ride from Genoa.

The village of Vernazza

The tiny, picturesque towns along this coast exist because they were among a very few defensible havens during the rampant barbarism of the early middle ages. In their very small boats, brave and skilled fishermen could manage a meager living. But raiders in anything larger were dashed on the rocks. And, with a small mountain range leaping straight up out of the sea behind them, defenders could shoot almost straight down and tend their vines at the same time.

So, the bad guys looked for easier pickings, families stayed alive, crops and houses weren’t burned and these small towns managed to build something wonderful together when others could not. Cinque Terre is so unique that it’s on UNESCO’s World Heritage list.

For me, this is the lovliest church decoration in Italy, in Monterosso

Lucky for us!

This area is a delight for fit hikers, with very pleasant accommodations spaced very nicely for a leisurely few days worth of scenic fun. But on our first visit, we took a boat. What a ride! The seemingly small waves a hundred yards out were altogether different when we got a few feet from the rocks. This video clip shows a bit of the experience that had us whooping for joy, but some others actually tearful with fear. Just as any good E-ticket ride should.

These boatmen and women really know their stuff!

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