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Rhodes is well worth a visit. Awhile back, I was there to explore it’s great places from the past, especially high Lindos. But now, the island’s brigade of glamorous young people on Vespa motor scooters seems every bit as memorable.

View from the ancient acropolis at Lindos

On weekends everywhere across Rhodes, flocks of young people on Vespas swirl around. Perfectly coiffed and wearing stylish clothes that cost far more than their transportation, they often alight for a few minutes here and there to see and be seen. But then they are off again in a flurry of donned Valentino’s and smoothly-engaged clutches. As one such group pulled away, I noticed a striking young lady’s license plate. It read, accurately: IM2HOT.

Somehow, this island-wide Waltz of the Vespas, seemed so civilized. I couldn’t help but see a strong parallel to the Masquerade scene in Phantom of the Opera. Without masks of course.

Rhodes in the pre-dawn light

So, why am I writing this? A recent news story reminded me of the memory from Rhodes because it was that recollection’s polar opposite. You may recall the item: about a Flash Mob of young people in America trashing a mall and beating up sales clerks. I believe the ‘journalist’ blamed the event on frustration with mall management practices.

Of course. That makes sense.

Hmmm… I can fly to Heathrow, then Athens and be back in Rhodes by morning…

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