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Some notions of fashion can be unsettling.

An Ad for Jeans

Today’s notion of what counts as glamorous in Europe may be one of them.

In our jaded age, we face a growing torrent of sensory input. A lot of people work very hard to assault our senses, clawing to drag our attention toward what they have to sell. Our natural human reaction is to treat all the blather as background noise. This causes the attention seekers to redouble their efforts — and the spiral descends toward ever more bizarre clamor.

A Four Story High Poster

On a recent trip across Europe, I realized that the fashion industry shows many symptoms of this modern cultural disease. So, I took a few photos to illustrate.

The images here are mainstream stuff, not the isolated oddities that have always been with us.

After some reflection, it seems to me that there may be good news or bad news in what I saw.

  • The good news could be that the trend may reflect an explosion of thoughtful individuality in societies that were formerly quite staid and group-thinky on many subjects.

A Three Story High Poster

  •  The bad news could be that this apparent show of uniqueness heralds a further descent of modern Europe: from the selfish exploitation of one group by another into a perfectly selfish anarchy, where it’s me-at-the-expense-of-everyone-else regardless of consequences.

We’ll see, I guess.

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