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You Could Tend Bar…

We were sailing among the 600 Grenadines islands when the thought grabbed us hard and just wouldn’t let go.

It was January. The air temperature was 81°. The water temperature was 81°. A light, variable breeze sometimes sent ripples across the perfect, clear blue water. Sweeping her arm along an arc that encompassed a half-dozen of the lovely, nearby islands, my wife put it this way, “You know, I could wait tables, and you could tend bar. We don’t really have to go home.”

Four teenage and college-aged kids aside, we were a hair’s breadth from convincing ourselves right then. Our romantic visions were further enhanced by the sight of a lone grass shack, the only feature on a pure golden-white-sand island. That little piece of paradise rose perhaps a couple feet above the calm sea, and the whole island measured no more than half an acre in size. From the local chart, we knew that it was a Honeymoon Cottage owned by a famous author. He’d bought the much larger adjacent island to make his tropical home – and, partly, an upscale but low-key resort.

We could do this! our fantasy said. After all, hadn’t a nice island lady just yesterday referred to us as “da newlyweds”?

But then the cell phone woke up, playing a fantasy-dissolving dirge. It was our daughter with news of yet another end-of-the-world teenage drama from back in the sleet-ridden Real World. As usual, only Mom’s wisdom and Dad’s wallet could set things right.

After some soothing words had put this particular catastrophe to rest, my wife and I looked at each other and agreed, “Perhaps next time, Yes. Next time for sure!”

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