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Book One

In other posts, I mentioned that I’m writing a book. It’s a historical novel called False Light, and will be part of a planned series: The First Dark Age. Here are two paragraphs that may be of interest: 

More than 3,000 years ago, the first age of civilization basks on a golden plateau, unaware that only a few years remain until total collapse into a terrible abyss. Signs of looming catastrophe are everywhere, but arrogance and tradition blind leaders and people alike. Soon, a wave of fanatical barbarians will sweep everything before it into centuries of death, chaos and darkness.

False Light is the story of three brave but mismatched travelers: an ambitious mercenary, a stubborn, frightened princess and a cynical, crafty chariot archer, as they discover and then battle the rising tide of darkness. On a perilous voyage to Thapsos, they journey along the rugged, dangerous coasts of Greece and Italy, then to the corrupt spider-island of Sard – struggling with their disdain for each other as they fight to resist a ruthless vanguard of evil.


Other posts add detail about the book. Here are glimpses of important characters: Korinsia, Argurios.


Note: As you might surmise, copyrights apply to everything about the book and the series.

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