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A Character Glimpse – Korinsia

This post is a brief look at one of the main characters in my upcoming novel, False Light. The glimpse below describes her as the story begins. She is Korinsia, or Kori to her close family. This young lady can be frustrating at times, and amazing at others. I like her a lot. I hope you will as well.


Lady Korinsia is the cousin of the Wanax, absolute ruler in the ancient Achaean Kingdom of Pylos. At 16, Kori is long overdue for betrothal, a fate she has fought in every way she could. Now, time has almost run out and she despairs at what will become of her.

Kori is smart, accomplished and her powerful father’s most prized treasure. He wishes she were his son and heir instead of her worthless older brother. But, since the Wanax has no living daughters, Kori is the only Princess of Pylos. Her political value as a noble “brood sow” condemns her. And she is terrified.

For years, Kori has tried to act like a young version of her wise and ferociously capable aunt, Karpathia, the only woman in any of the dozen Achaean kingdoms to govern a province. Ever.

Korinsia has idolized her aunt for as long as she can remember. But Kori’s fight to save herself has also made her a target — of the Priests of Poseidon and Zeus on the one hand and of a male nobility hardened and embrittled by tradition on the other.

Though Kori loves her father dearly — and he her — she has ruthlessly exploited him and his position as First Follower ever since she was 11. Back then, with Karpathia’s help, she evaded betrothal to the disgusting old brute who ruled Chania. Since then, in all the ways she could, Kori has used every aspect of her father’s great love for his favorite living child to save herself.

Now though, nearly old enough to be a spinster, nothing stands between this young woman and her personal doom.


In future posts, I’ll write about at least two other characters in First Light: Argurios and Hektor the Sard. Stay tuned!


Note: as you might surmise, everything about the book is protected by copyright.

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  1. blackwatertown
    April 25, 2011 at 8:02 am

    Sounds like an interesting character, with a lot of strength to face her upcoming challenges.

    • April 25, 2011 at 8:25 am

      As I write, Kori has surprised me many times. I’m trying not to root for her too much, but it’s getting harder.

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