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They Send Her Christmas Cards

There’s this jewelry store on the Ponte Vecchio…

Well, to tell the whole truth, there are lots of them. But one in particular is dear to me in at least two senses of the word.

Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge), Florence, Italy

Ever since the first trip that my wife and I made to Florence long ago, it has been a fun and romantic piece of adventure to anticipate wandering again in the heart of town, rediscovering the Old Bridge as if for the first time, and stopping for a new, small helping of ladies’ jewelry. I even get to pick! Most of the time.

This has been a rewarding custom for us in at least two ways.

First, it has shown that I actually listen. Back when we got engaged, my future wife clarified for her dumb guy what most women worthy of the word consider to be a gift. Over the years, I have summed up her helpful counsel in a cocktail party punch line: If it doesn’t sparkle, it’s not a gift. Remembering this has saved me from countless, relationship-shattering decisions, like getting her a set of radial tires and a heavy duty battery for Christmas. And, besides, she feels and looks great when she wears sparkly stuff. So I feel great  too. 

On One of Our Earlier Visits

Second, what we thought was a romantic whim turned out to be good sense. For years, we viewed these times at the shop on the bridge as purely personal. But after running some numbers a while ago, it was clear that our tender purchases there were yielding a much better return than every careful financial investment that I had made on our behalf. We now call the collection of sparklies our Ponte Vecchio Fund. For a bit of reference, just look at the change in raw gold and silver prices alone since, say, the year 2000! And especially since 2006.

I personally like the look of pieces in the shop that were designed and created by Mario Buccellati, the modern Prince of Goldsmiths. Even the book my wife bought about his work on one of our visits has skyrocketed amazingly in value. But I’m just a knuckle-dragger who wears a stainless steel watch most of the time; what do I know?

So, when you get to Florence, I recommend that you stroll across the Old Bridge and look in the windows. See what makes her gasp a little and then choose a memento of your visit. For me at least, great memories are made of much more than fading neural paths and snapshots.

Give yourself the treat of a great memory.

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