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Rajneesh Reincarnated!

Hold onto your wallets and purses, folks. Here he comes again!

In the High Desert of Oregon, we remember old Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. He ran one of the greatest collective / commune / cult scams in American history. During the height of his fraud (and other felonies) his minions literally took over the town of Antelope Valley, until he was deported in ’81.

Bhagwan’s shtick was to hoodwink unbalanced, would-be Flower Children with claims of communal-oneness-with-the-infinite and a panoply of time-tested, eastern mystic, smoke and mirrors. All the while, he and his henchpeople were fleecing the poor things of all they had. Then, after some ‘guided meditation’, they sent out their intellectually cleansed ‘bots to beg for more money by aggressively ‘selling’ flowers on every corner and in every airport – starving and beating the poor wretches in the process. Rajneesh died in 1990.

Or so I thought.

Across my electronic desktop this morning came proof that Bhagwan’s scam at least is alive and well – just repackaged under the new Green religion. After all, Hinduism is so ‘60s and ‘70s, don’t you think?

A new huckster, Jeffrey Hollander, has taken up the Rajneeshi standard. Hollander is co-founder of a ‘green’ cleaning products company called Seventh Generation. And I bet he’s a heck of a salesman. But it’s telling that his own board fired him last November. Seems he wasn’t competent to expand the company. In fact, reading his stuff, it’s pretty clear to me that his way would have killed the company rather than grown it.

Hollander’s re-warmed Rajneesh scam is sold in a post on his website, titled Recreating Our Economy: The Untapped Power of Community Wealth Building.

Undeterred by apparently being fired for economic and managerial incompetence, the guy is now trying to claim that his methods for the destruction of prosperity are innovative and worthwhile – the Next Best Thing. They must be, because they are so green, you know.

To sum up: his approach is nationwide ‘common ownership’ on an Antelope Valley by Antelope Valley basis. In his post, Hollander lists several different forms of local government collectives (the Russians would have called them Soviets) as the economic wave of a truly green future. Poor Lenin! Poor Mao! They must have been way ahead of their time.

Hmmmm… sound familiar? Just another corrupt preacher out to enrich himself on the backs of a gullible new flock of sheep who are eager to be fleeced. Now that I think about it, that may be how he sold all those ‘green’ cleaning products to begin with.

And he’s just the guy to help us out. After all, someone has to run the cooperatives and communes and community development funds on behalf of ‘we the people’ who are going to be so prosperous in this new age of green localism. And someone has to manage all those billions in government grants, because how can a successful new community business ever get started in any other way?

Hollander’s victims wont be called Flower Children like Bhagwan’s were though. In light of all Jeffrey’s ever-so-green, wind-turbine generated smoke and solar-energy mirrors, today’s hapless dupes will be ‘Power Children’ instead.

“Hello, Jeffrey? I used to be all messed up on drugs! Now, I’m all messed up on saving the planet. I was just wondering how to spell your name when I sign over title to my car… .”

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