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A Character Glimpse — Argurios

This post is a brief look at one of the main characters in my upcoming novel, False Light. The glimpse below describes him as the story begins. He is Argurios, or Ar to family and friends, and a complicated guy. I hope you find him intriguing.


Argurios is a brilliant, obnoxious cynic, an arrogant lover of past glories who finds most people and things around him sorely lacking. He’s wily, honorable, persuasive and skilled, but an insufferable cynic nonetheless.

This broad-shouldered, 21-year old Achaean nobleman grew up on his father’s estate in the mountainous northeast border region of Pylos. With his mother dead in childbirth and his father mostly away at war or politicking at the palace, Argurios’ care as a boy fell to the family’s serf Huntsman, for whom the young Ar was both bane and joy. Mostly bane.

Ar the man has long-since grown bored with – and intentionally botched – the ennervating trivia of running an estate. Today, he serves in the king’s forces as a charioteer and famed archer. But, once again, he is bored; the kingdom has been at peace for almost ten years. And he has reason to be even more cynical, seeing a formerly superb military competence erode all around him.

What makes it feel worse is that Argurios thinks ahead, seeing patterns in the world that others do not. Patterns he does not like. And even though, when Ar puts his mind and silver tongue to it, he can convince almost anyone of almost any thing, somehow he can’t convince them of just how bad things are going to be.

Ar has lost hope that the kingdom will ever be as it was. Almost twenty years before, Pylos had again stood at the forefront of all Achaeans. Together, they had achieved a glorious and total victory in the last of many wars with powerful Wilios. On the plain before that great, walled city, men had fought as heroes. In that time, the Two Goddesses were still respected and the earth was still the source of wealth, not the grasping, grubbing and demeaning barter of trade. In those days, corrupt and corrupting freemen weren’t everywhere underfoot, clawing to rise above their station. And, best of all, back then state scribes had not multiplied like locusts to control even what a man ate!

As Argurios sees it, the decline has been too fast and broad to stop. All that’s left to a man who cares is to live his life as he should, be the best at whatever he attempts and disdain those who do not do the same.

Ar has become a rocky island in what he sees as a polluted stream of greed and decay.


An earlier post describes another main character, Korinsia.


Note: as you might surmise, everything about the book is protected by copyright.

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