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Rodeo Recharge

Here in the High Desert, we go to the Sisters Rodeo every June and recharge our Wholesome Battery. Then, a month or so later, we go to the County Fair and top it off.

Even though the rodeo’s wooden stands only seat a couple thousand, the event is on the national circuit, attracting the most skilled cowboys and best stock anywhere. And, most importantly for us, we get to see the absolute best of what we are looking for: a piece of America that values and rewards family and self-reliance, courage and fortitude, open spaces and hard work, wholesome fun and mutual respect. A place where the content of a person’s character really does make all the difference.

From rugged cowboys to the clown distracting an angry bull to the young gals who work so hard at their own expense as rodeo princesses to the guys who help you park, to the happy folks walking toward the stands, it’s an experience that couldn’t be more different from other professional sports. For example, a rodeo is the polar opposite of – to quote Jay Leno – a National Felons League game.

Appreciating power, spirit and beauty in the rodeo stock animals is another factor that’s unique, setting this form of competition above and apart from almost all others, and giving us all the chance – if we want to take it – to be a lot more humble.  

In recent years, about a month before the rodeo, I can tell it’s time for a wholesomeness recharge. My reservoir of it has nearly been bled away by what surrounds us all, hordes of twainless brit moral relativists out to cleanse respect for all things wholesome from the face of the planet.

And each year, I’m even more thankful that, at least for now, a small town rodeo and the values it can represent remains a haven, a place where the red, fuming, nitric, political acid meant to dissolve those values still just beads up and rolls off.

Thank God for good folks, horse sense and common courtesy.

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