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Publicly Pink in Milan

During the Cold War and before, the Soviets, Chinese and all the lands they controlled, were called the Second World, or ‘Reds’ for short, after their chosen symbolic color, blood red.

After WWII, lots of Europeans feared the Reds and hated themselves and their heritage so much that, among other slogans, they’d chant, “Better Red Than Dead” in an effort to force spontaneous surrender on their governments. Now, of course, we know from Soviet KGB records that the bad guys were delighted to pour all the funds and support of every kind they could toward that as well. And I do mean every kind of support; The end justifies the means, don’t’cha know.

Some European cities and regions had enough of those Red wannabes that the area was said to be Pink, or Very Pink, or Dark Pink, depending. For example, Livorno in Italy was and still is Dark Pink. Over the decades since the Soviets’ fall and China’s transmogrification into robber-baron capitalism, the cold war names for things have been changed to protect the guilty, and European self-loathing now acts out in other pathetic, self-flagellating ways.

Public Art Carefully Placed in Front of the Milan Stock Exchange. What Could the Message Be?

But, there are still a lot of professed Yearners for the Dark Pink across Western Europe. In fact, in power-elite social circles it’s a form of retro Euro Chic to espouse that yearning, over expensive wine and canapés (think: New Yorkers on the Upper West Side, but with decent IQs and actual educations rather than spendy, trendy clothes filled with empty celebrity).

Expensive public art is often a physical result of the yearners’ theoretical yearning. I say theoretical because not one of them would have lasted a day in the old Soviet Gulag or one of Mao’s Re-education Camps. Even though they would have been among the first shipped there. And surely, they wouldn’t have made it even an hour under Pol Pot’s tender ministrations. But then, sipping 1945 Mouton Rothschild near the Elysees Palace tends to insulate one from real world consequences. Unless the Germans are coming. Again.

During my recent European travels, an example of that Red yearning grabbed my attention enough to rate a photo.


A Pink Tidbit: The slogan above, ‘better red than dead’, was perverted into a slam on conservatives by Steven Speilberg in the latest Indiana Jones movie. On the university campus, we see demonstrations by students on the political right carrying signs reading ‘Better Dead than Red’. Hollywood Leftists know they must lie about history to make themselves seem less like the fools they are.

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