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A Legal Breakthrough

“You know, Dave,” Dad said. “there’s some folks I’d as soon shoot as look at.”

We were watching the evening news together. This was back when I was a young man and Americans’ understanding of the world flowed through CBS, past Walter Cronkite’s lips. It was another Charles Manson story; Dad had little use for folks who killed innocent people.

Can’t imagine why a recent operation in Pakistan by some Navy guys brought Dad’s phrasing to mind… .

In the years since, I’ve often reflected that there is something profoundly wrong with a system in which Charles Manson has been allowed to live almost two decades beyond the time my father passed away.

Our legal framework calls itself the Justice System, but is corrupt. Even the word ‘justice’ has been twisted beyond recognition. For example, it’s used today as part of the phrase ‘Social Justice’, a transparent re-branding of Marxism and its vile Dictatorship of the Proletariat. But, we were founded as a ‘nation of laws’ rather than men, and that’s what we must work with to improve things, just as the would-be destroyers of the nation work tirelessly within the Justice System. Sharia ‘Law’ anyone? Or, how about Vermont’s take on Pedophile Playtime?

Thus, I propose a new form of verdict in any criminal trial: “Praiseworthy [fill in the blank].”

For example, a “Texas man” runs his young daughter over with his car because she dates a person of another religion, or beheads his wife for disobedience. Before he gets to trial in two or three or five years (by the way, where’s Major Hasan?), a cell mate kills him. So the cell mate is tried for murder. Should the jury so decide by simple majority, they could render a verdict of ‘Praiseworthy Homicide’, and for that act, the defendant would be guiltless. No criminal law would have to change, but juries would be freed to do justice rather than be ever-further boxed in and forced to be unjust.

Just a thought, because Dad was right. Some folks do deserve far more than what they get.

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