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Whatever it is…

…it’s not what they say.

The country races headlong toward the cusp of collapse. Ever-more-heated declarations pour out of Washington DC and the media. It seems that reading between the lines has become the only useful way to read.

Here are a half-dozen examples just from today’s news:

War on Poverty. Begun fifty years ago by Lyndon Johnson, we’ve spent tens of trillions of dollars on it. The result has been to change poverty from a temporary state to a permanent one. Whatever the ‘War on Poverty’ is, it’s not a war on poverty.

Education. Costs per student are sky high and rising. Graduates are ever more ignorant, unable to read, write or do basic math. As for who George Washington was, don’t even go there. Whatever ‘Education’ is, it’s not education.

Anthropogenic Global Warming. This tenet of ecological faith is ‘settled science’ and the unconvinced are heretical ‘deniers’. Yet, there is no causal link between atmospheric Carbon Dioxide and the earth’s temperature. The earth has not gotten warmer for ten years and is far cooler than when the Vikings had vineyards in Greenland. Sea levels are not rising. Glaciers are not receding. Ice caps are not melting. Polar bear populations are on the rise. Whatever Anthropogenic Global Warning is, it is neither anthropogenic, nor global, nor warming.

Islamophobia. An unreasoning fear of the followers of Islam is apparently everywhere. Mosques are being burned. Muslim children are being slaughtered simply because they are Muslim. Muslims must pay a tax simply to be Muslim in the West. Muslims are forbidden to convert Christians to Islam on pain of death. Any Christian who converts to Islam has committed a capital crime. Jesus had sex with his nine-year-old bride. No, wait… Whatever ‘Islamophobia’ is, it’s not Islamophobia.

Budget Cut. When the planned rapid increase in spending is deferred or becomes slightly less rapid, that is a ‘cut’. When the difference is noticeable, that is a Draconian cut. Whatever a ‘Budget Cut’ is, it’s not a budget cut.

Nuclear Catastrophe. Thousands are crushed by falling buildings in a massive earthquake. Tens of thousands more are drowned in the tidal wave that follows. Several old reactors right on the coast fail and leak. No one is killed. No one is permanently injured. Whatever ‘Nuclear Catastrophe’ means, it doesn’t mean nuclear catastrophe.

We swim in a perverted sea of Doublespeak and the tide is rising fast. As per the Irish toast and Chinese curse, we live in ‘interesting’ times.

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