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D’Artagnan & the Three Marketeers

On the famous hill of east of the Seine in Paris, not far from lovely Sacré-Coeur Basilica, is the Espace Dali Montmartre.

Three hundred fascinating works by Salvador Dali are gathered there under one roof for your personal delight. If you like strange beauty and ever-questing creativity, so much of old Salvador’s best art in one place is a must-see when you’re in town.

He was one of a kind and set an unmatched standard for art in the 20th century. For me, three particular qualities stand out in the man and his work: breadth, depth and quantity. He was the leading Surrealist, then shifted to classical and other forms where he was also at the top.

Dali worked in every medium with astounding mastery. Shape, color, composition, symbolism and light all flowed in a mad succession of the very unusual. His insight and complex symbolism stood out in every way while never getting in between you and his art. And he was so precise in his execution, which as an engineer I find very appealing. Even his few ‘rough edges’ are all intentional and exactly as he conceived them to be.

Perhaps Picasso attained the same or slightly more beautiful levels of expression, but to me his breadth and precision were not in the same class as Dali. Though I love most of Picasso’s works, I am truly smitten by most of Dali’s.

There is at least one more aspect to Dali worthy of admiration. Using it shamelessly, he became recognized as the world’s leading artist by even people who had no interest in art. That aspect was his penchant for immersing his work in his own intriguing form of Grand Theater. He was a master showman and always selling the Dali brand.

He made his name such a worldwide status symbol that even ruthless Commissars in the various People’s Paradises struggled to possess a Dali sketch or casting, acquired during a quick trip across the border to Helsinki or Macau—some being always more equal than others in lands awash with Social Justice.

Dali’s work, whether an individual piece or a large, diverse collection, always conveys to me a worthwhile energy that few other artists have managed. Espacé Dali Montmartre has that energy buzzing in every room.

Go there if you can.

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