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An Espionage Thriller in 290 Words

In the nation’s capital, a corrupt elected official badly needs Street Cred as a tough guy. His even more corrupt henchpeople have a plan. Arch enemy #1 dropped out of site years ago but is still The Bogeyman. So, have some Special Ops guys fake a kill. Then, fake a magic, instant DNA test and bury some other fresh, bony and bearded body at sea within a day.

Claim a Gutsy Call for Mr. Corrupt in all the Friendly Media, and rack up the badly needed Cred. Put him up there with Churchill and Patton, both of whom he despises, despite the fact that he was wetting his pants as the Op went down. Then, have some senior doofus political hack violate every ultra-top-secret rule and ID the SpecOps guys, hoping the enemy will snuff them.

Only one problem. The long-dead target had a terminal disease common among highly inbred Wahabists. He needed daily sessions with high tech medical machines to stay alive. But none of the doofus-and-henchperson-leaked info mentions anything about those machines at the Bad Guy’s compound. Even though every other trifling detail is spewed out to the press. Oops!

Only one more problem, The SpecOps guys are too good. They’re still alive and know the truth. So, a few weeks later, use a couple corrupt Spooks to make sure they all die on some heroic mission in a faraway place. Then, on the quiet, use Union Enforcers to arrange ‘accidents’ for the Spook middlemen. No one will know because they’re Spooks. But, the other Spooks will be wary of the Hammer coming down on them. Because in Spookville, there’s no such thing as a coincidence.

Then, use other Union Enforcers to kill the killers.

Fade to black.


Nah… too far fetched. I’ll have to think of another plot.

Besides, other SpecOps guys would figure it out by the same ‘No Coincidence’ rule the Spooks use. Then, Mr. Corrupt would meet Mr. Gray in some innocent setting, and, a few days later, Mr. Corrupt would abruptly expire of completely verifiable natural causes. As would every single henchperson over the next few years.

Every one. Count on it.

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