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FOWOWs Coming Soon!

You may have noticed the exponential growth in unchallenged foolishness spilling out of the slop bucket thus far this century.

Think back to just before the Dotcom Bust when a slew of Wall Street pundits declared that ‘profits are no longer necessary’. Then, consider the contrived, breathless panic du jour of this summer’s info-boobs tearing their hair over hundreds of ‘record temperatures’ that mostly weren’t records at all. We have been set adrift in a literally mind-numbing sea of rampant foolishness.

Why? Much of it is part of the constant attempt to manipulate people to vote a certain way through contrived fear, envy, malice or outrage (watch for a multi-megaton sky burst of race-baiting in coming months). But also, it seems apparent that this monstrous foolishnous works so well now because of a profound change.

The euphemistically named Education System has finally transformed enough kids with potential into functional morons that they wake up in a new world every day, like geese, unable to remember or apply lessons learned yesterday to today’s new flavor of lunacy and fraud.

What used to be the sometimes fatal delusions of a small number of cultists (the sad Hale-Bopp morons come to mind) are now weekly crescendos of horse droppings writ large across the country and the world. 

Enough! Like the field mouse making his last, rude gesture of defiance at the swooping hawk, I will begin the Fool of the World of the Week award program in these pages.

There are two simple criteria: (1) the statement or premise is easily shown to be untrue and (2) it is picked up and credulously or cynically repeated across the media.

The most obnoxious purveyor wins. Roughly once a week, some hack imbicile or gagantuan dupe who’s foolish cry meets the criteria and stands out well beond the slavering pack will be recognized with a personal FOWOW Award.

Your nominees will of course receive full consideration.

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