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An Espionage Thriller in 296 Words

September 4, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

He’s desperate. And a failed President with treason in his heart. Things have not been as easy as he’d hoped. He needs a second term to finish the work. It takes time to knock the props out from under the greatest nation in history.

But the people are restless. He can no longer hide the malice of his actions behind silky words and the shield of a captive media filled with Useful Idiots who lie, distort and fail to report anything other than his party line.

Fortunately, there’s a plan. His turncoat henches deep in the intelligence services will change the game with a bold strike. After that, he can declare martial law and imprison or kill his opposition. There will never be a ‘next election’.

It’s simple. On the ten year anniversary of a devastating attack by foreign terrorist fanatics, the henches will stage another, even more vile and deadly one. But this one will be a set-up, framing courageous war veterans as racist, homophobic, domestic terrorists. And every one of them will be dead before any questions can be asked or the phony back story unravels.

All proceeds like clockwork. But, on the fated day, a real attack pre-empts the frame-up. In a dozen cities, it’s Mumbai all over again, this time on steroids and with nerve gas. The henches’ hired guns panic and go dark as two hundred million citizens and police officers surge to high alert, eager to stop anyone trying to harm their country.

A month later, the smoke has cleared, flags fly once more on almost every street. And the traitor in the nation’s highest office has said some pretty words, biding his time. There is still more than a year to seize total control of the country he hates.


For this short treatment to be picked up by Hollywood, a few things would have to change, of course.

The bad guy would become CEO of an evil drug company. Bloodthirsty Vets would be the crazed, bigoted, crack-soaked, baby-killing terrorist enemy. Heroic followers of the Religion of Peace would save the day. And, over it all, a saintly President would leads his dazed and appreciative people away from the disgusting exploitiveness of violent capitalism that so nealy toppled the nation and into the permanent milk and honey of Social Justice. For the children. 

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