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The Feel of Delos

September 6, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Carian Pirates lurked here in the center of the Cyclades, or so says Thucydides. Long before that, before even the Trojan War, proto-Greek Mycenaeans had taken it from the Minoans. It was a religious sanctuary for over half a millenium and once home to the largest slave market in the Aegean. Today, the whole island is a World Heritage site and an archaeo-geek paradise.

My bride and I explored this wonderful place in bright sunshine, with vistas of unmatched blues and tans dazzling us at every turn. Off-white marble and stone ruins were everywhere. But the feelings we brought away with us weren’t ones that matched those colors. Black and white seems to get us much closer.

Here is a small photo essay that I hope helps you share the feelings that ensnared us as we wandered across this amazing island. There are no captions, just images in an order.


Note that all the images here are copyrighted by me and may not be reproduced. They each also carry an embedded Digimarc watermark. If you would like a full-sized print of any image , please contact me.        

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