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That’s ‘Scusting!

September 10, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Child #4, our youngest and the only girl, stands with small fists firmly planted on swim-suited hips. Her laser-like stare lances out to scorch three miscreant brothers. She is seven. They are 10, 12, 15 and in big trouble.

Little sister has just caught them in the act. Naughty allusions, together with broad gestures and over the top facial expressions worthy of the most mindless Nickelodeon ‘tween series have just passed among the boys in an ever more raucous spiral away from decorum. We’re on summer vacation in an idyllic spot for young families and the kids are enjoying it to perhaps a notch more than the max.

It seems that Son #1 had gone to a dance last night and met a lovely young lady his age from an exotic, far-off land called The Bay Area . She had stopped by that morning to see if he wanted to play tennis. That, of course, was the signal for Sons #2 and #3 to pile on with glee. Taunts and torments aplenty began to fly toward our eldest.

Son #1 was always a clever one for his age, though. After an initial blush, he deflected his not-yet-girl-centric siblings by joining in with comebacks even more silly than the taunts they threw out. Daughter #1 (and only) overhears, then sails down the stairs in full Supervisory Sister mode, ready to pronounce judgment on this nonsense.

As the title states, her call was not to acquit. Oldest brother was properly chastened, but her verdict just spurred the two younger ones to reach for new social depths. These included a brief, wild dance routine that ended abruptly with both boys banging hard into the oaken front door.

Still with fists on her hips, little sister marches over to glare down at the groaning lads. “That’s what you get!” she declares with a dismissive sniff. Then, nose in the air, she heads back up to her room, having settled once and for all the status of brothers as irredeemably doomed to be forever ‘scusting.

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