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Status Report

September 16, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

After 30,000 generations spent climbing the food chain, humans face some challenging conditions. A few highlights:

  • Information engulfs us. Understanding, not so much.
  • Ever more bursts of ever fewer words assault us at an ever faster rate.
  • Repetition of the false ad infinitum warps memory beyond recognition.
  • Critical thinking has flat lined in a manic fool’s obsession to infuse unearned self-esteem.

by M.C. Escher

  • Junk science perverts reason.
  • Correlation between behavior and consequence is almost random.
  • Fantasy ideologies demand you kneel before their truths.
  • Death cult demons clothe themselves in the flayed skin of religion and seek to devour us all.
  • Moral choice dissolves into moral equivalency in the fuming red acid of elite political correctness.
  • Reason is banished in an exploitive world of Social Just Us.
  • Intellectual and intelligent have become antonyms.
  • Forget Chicken Little. The sky now falls every two hours, except on weekends.
  • Cultural self-loathing: good. The Enlightenment: bad.
  • Union means discord, fair means exploitive, invest means borrow.

 … and now back to our regular programming.

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