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Games Yes Movies No

Uncharted was the best movie I ever starred in. Until Uncharted 2 came out. Now, I’m super-eager to star in Uncharted 3. Within this game series are the finest action movies ever made, and you can play them as a game.

My point is that we have passed a cusp in entertain-ment.

In the first decade of the 21st century, civilization has moved from the increasingly lame products of a tired, bloated and intellectually inbred film industry to the amazing stories of a vibrant, innovative, competitive and incredibly competent video game world.

Try a few comparative tests to see whether you agree. Take the last three movies you saw and the last three video games you played for at least a couple hours, Then, ask yourself four questions about the two groups:

For which group… 

      1. Did I care more about the story?
      2. Was I drawn more into the setting of the story?
      3. Did I care more about what happens to the main characters?
      4. Was I involved more in a good story rather than a point of view?

I’ve done this comparison for the past three years now. I include movies watched on Blu-ray on our HDTV 5.1 setup at home because each year I’m less and less willing to submit to the expense and pointless distractions of a theater presentation.

And, each year, the set of games has won by an increasing margin.

So, while Poliwood wastes $50 million or so to defame the first female Prime Minister of England, I pre-ordered Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and look forward to 40 or 50 hours of top-notch entertainment.

Moviegoers of the world, arise!

You have nothing to lose but your pains!


All that said. Battle: Los Angeles on Blu-ray. Buy it. own it, love it. Marines rock. HOO-rah!

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