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Not Even One Night

November 22, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Silly Charles VII. Here he was ruling all of southern Italy from Naples and building a royal paradise, then he ups and runs off to be King of Spain. Who could figure?

The use of water at Caserta is astounding

To be fair though, his paradise project did take 28 years to build, and he would have had to wait 21 of those when the new job offer came up. Plus, there was the bonus that Madrid was not vulnerable to attack from the sea.

The rooms at Caserta today are more opulent than at Versailles, but Italy didn't have anything like the French Revolution bent on destroying things

The Royal Palace at Caserta, Italy, is for me the most lovely and best-designed palace in Europe. It’s also the last and largest of the Versailles-type architectural songs praising the Divine Right of Kings. Only eight years after Caserta was complete, the French Revolution began turning Old Europe inside out.

But, the palace and grounds themselves are lovely, more lovely and graceful than Versailles in my opinion. They were also built on the backs of a much poorer land, bankrupting it in the process.

Pretty government baubles like this, the Pyramids and the horridly expensive Green Energy Illusion do almost nothing for prosperity as opposed to irrigation or exploration or efficient power generation, though leaders over the centuries seem quite happy to keep buildiing costly conceits—as are their toadying cronies who get the bloated contracts.

Closer to the water features at Caserta

Be that as it may, today this beautiful place is a park for everyone. And, perhaps, it is the loveliest park in the world. These are a few of my favorite photos from our visit there. Maybe you’ll agree.

If I were Charles, though, I would have hinted pretty strongly for an invitation to visit Caserta and stay over at least one night!

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