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South of Dubrovnik

November 26, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

It’s a lovely small town, a jewel of the eastern Adriatic, with a pleasant, forested park at the end of it’s little peninsula. And the ancient, fascinating town of Dubrovnik is just a few miles north up the coast.

Cavtat is what the Croatians call it. My bride and I were there one pleasant autumn afternoon and quite smitten.

As we strolled along on a park path by the sea, a local dog took charge of us, quietly shepparding his flock of two from gate to gate. He was a mid-sized mutt and sturdy, not one of those fragile little rat dogs so beloved by vapid celebrities. His thick fur was dark brown and slightly scruffy, as befits an outdoor dog. A quizzical, intelligent expression and an aura of quiet confidence were also hard to miss.

We both took a strong liking to him right away. So much so that we felt he deserved to be called by name. But, he had no collar. So, for us, he became Janos the Wise during the 40 minutes he chose to serve as our knight-protector and gently guide us safely through his personal domain.

About halfway around the tip of Cavtat’s peninsula, we spied a young local couple walking toward us and thought they must be Janos’ permanent people. But, no. As we passed and called out smiling greetings, he just gave a perfunctory sniff somewhat in their direction, looked back over his shoulder to be sure we were in our proper place, and strode on.

In too short a time, our canine Croatian idyll drew to a close. Janos reached the park’s pair of stone boundary markers first and sat calmly next to one at the side of the path. In his dignified way, he accepted a few appreciative pats and my bride’s hug, accompanied by a loving, “Who’s a good Janos?”

He kept watch there until we rounded the path’s next bend back toward town, just to be sure his responsibilities were duly fulfilled.

We strolled on toward the quay where this photo was taken, remarking to each other about the lovely scenery and the gorgeous day. But, mostly, we talked about what things made up an ideal version of man’s best friend.

For me, I think that ideal may well be Janos the Wise.


Click here to see a larger image.

  1. November 26, 2011 at 8:25 am

    Nice piece ! We were in Croatia a few years back and just had a fantastic time….what a beautiful spot. We didn’t make it south of Dubrovnik but had a great time there and in Split, Zagreb and on the island of Brac. Talk about “old country” and nice people! Thanks for writing this.

    • November 26, 2011 at 8:45 am

      Thanks much! I agree on all accounts. We’ll be back to Croatia many times. Soon on our trip list is as long a visit as makes sense to explore all the Roman and Venetian sites in the country we can.

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