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Wiederholen Sie!

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On a rainy day wandering the streets of Salzburg, my bride and I chanced on one of the town’s store-tunnels that work as small cross-streets for people on foot. This one was filled with upscale jewelers and women’s accessory shops. Though the passageway was less than 70 feet long, it wasn’t until more than half an hour later that daylight shown on us again.

Whether she’s interested in buying something or not, my bride likes sparkly stuff. A running joke at parties is my story about when we got engaged. In it, she makes sure before saying “Yes” that I understand a fundamental law of nature:

“If it doesn’t sparkle, it’s not a gift.”

Of course, she never actually said that. It’s just a fun way to illustrate how much she likes jewelry. And, looking back from today’s dismal economic perspective, the ‘investments’ we’ve made in sparkly and shiny stuff have done far better this century than a stock market mugged by goons from the Moron Politicians Union.

As we emerged from the tunnel, I was treated to a happy, animated description of some especially pretty pieces she’d seen. I nodded appreciatively and thought back fondly to an occasion in Italy years before that seems to sum up her perspective on sparkleiciousness.


It was a long drive north from Positano to Florence in our rented Alfa Romeo sedan. In addition to us, two close friends and luggage for a month filled most every space.

We were around Orvieto. Apparently, my passengers had now tired of hilltop castles, walled towns and Audi A-8s roaring past at 130 or so (mph, not kph). My bride was looking through the guide book to brush up on all things Florentine, John was checking the map and Mary was being very Mary-ish, studying a primer on Italian. She has an amazingly quick mind, but since it was already topped off with English, German, Korean and Mandarin Chinese, learning Italian in an hour or so was frustrating her a bit.

Finally, she looked up with a wistful sigh and asked no one in particular, “What Italian words do you think I’ll find most useful when we get to Florence?”

Without a second’s pause, my bride’s four years of high school German kicked in. She looked up from the page on Ponte Vecchio shops and gleefully prompted,

Wiederholen sei, Joowellreee!”

We all laughed. Well, John perhaps only grinned a little. But, it was true, in the half-dozen times my bride and I have visited Florence, we have yet to go home without another lovely, sparkly and shiny ‘investment’.

(For those of you whose German is a little rusty, ‘Wiederholen sei’ translates as ‘Repeat’, and my bride’s teachers had used it to introduce new words in that language.)

Why do I waste my time with those stupid mutual funds and bonds and pointless stock tips anyway. The results are always so depressing! I often wish that more than one of us had had the sense to pay sober attention to the many merits of sparkly stuff.

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