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Two Stores

December 16, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

I just read an interesting stat: 46% of European adults under age 35 live with their parents. And, in Italy, Mama is expected to iron their underwear. No wonder the Italian birth rate is rock bottom!

But, what the no-longer-young freeloaders don’t spend on rent, they certainly do on clothes. During a recent trip, I was a bit surprised to see the clothing shops doing so well. The Professional Beggars even had Gucci knockoff(?) stuff over by the building wall while they put on their best forlorn expression and body language to garner two-euro coins from first-time American and many-time Canadian visitors.

For me, two chains of clothing shops seem to encapsulate the male side of this factor in the European equation of interlocking unwholesome dependencies. One was in Amsterdam and one was in Regensburg, Germany.

See if you can guess which one was where.

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