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Pottersville and the Sugar Plum Fairies

December 20, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Dave the WriterChristmas done right enshrines wholesome innocence for kids.

At its heart is a new-born baby who becomes a great man and, for many, God — pretty much the moral and philosophical antithesis of Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.

Isn’t it interesting how something taken to an extreme, like Christmas music, becomes the moral opposite of itself? In my last post, I mentioned the movie It’s a Wonderful Life. This morning, I got to thinking how sadly ironic part of that film is when seen from more than 60 years on.

The hero, George Baily, personified views of the mainstream political Left back then, among them: integrity, self-sacrifice, respect for good folks and a fair shake for the hard-working ‘little guy’. Franklin Roosevelt, for example, some years before described the purpose of government aid to poor folks as “a hand up, not a hand out.” Apparently, back then, the intent of both The Lord and the government was to “help those who help themselves.” And I agree.

George Baily’s vision of Hell comes in the movie’s Pottersville scenes, when Clarence shows George how bleak and awful Bedford Falls and its people’s lives would be if he had never lived. And I agree.

So, what’s the irony? Well, take the sound values and principles of the film and move them out to today’s perverse extreme. Integrity has become a fool’s version of moral relativism, where nothing can ever be better than anything else (as long as it adheres to the current Party Line of course). Respect for good folks has become suppliance to Designated Groups who, by definition, can do no wrong, or if they do, it’s the fault of some group not approved by The Party. Self-sacrifice has become ‘you owe me, big time’. And, a fair shake for the hard-working little guy has become the cynical creation of a huge, ignorant, but politically reliable Dependency Class, most of whose members after half-a-century are unwilling or morally incapable of recognizing or using ‘a hand up’.

The irony is that the pathway to Pottersville was paved with good, ‘sugar-plum’ intentions but has been corrupted and perverted beyond recognition — like the the difference between Silent Night and the ‘Run Over’ song. These good intentions have also put Uncle Sam in drag as the Sugar Plum Fairy turned into a Cave Troll who must brings the magic of Social Justice to a now evil-and-repressive Bedford Falls.

Today, Pottersville is not George’s personal Hell but a norm for many and an ideal for others (OWS anyone?). This is as it should be of course. Those who want it to be anything else are just ‘judgmental’, ‘warmongering’ ‘haters’ or ‘raaaaacists’ or Nazis. Stone them.

Through the lens of six decades, the current state of affairs is almost darkly biblical, though the PC Police would rush to suppress that reference. As St. Bernard of Clairvaux first expressed the sugar-plum and Pottersville idea around 1150:

“L’enfer est plein de bonnes volontés ou désirs”

 Hell is full of good intentions or wishes

All that said, may your own sugar plums always be real ones and all your Christmases be merrily bright.

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