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The Sunshine Trick

Dave the Writeror, ‘Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff’.

I love the sun—in moderation. That’s why I live in the High Desert, where it shines three days out of four but is seldom too hot. I also love winter, so I don’t mind the couple feet of dry snow on the roof in February either, so long as the sun is out most days.

Some folks fear the sun. They listen to the professional Chicken Little’s on the 24/7 News Spews and hide indoors or put on ghastly, wide-brimmed hats and slather on chemical sun-block body armor to venture out under the dreadful, deadly rays.

I always find it amusing when those same people drone on in the evenings about ‘natural’ this and ‘organic’ that. I wait for them to take a breath, then chime in cheerfully about the two delightful hours I spent swimming, reading and relaxing in the sun that day. I do it just to watch them recoil in horror at my self-destructive ignorance of things like gravity and Current Media Truth. Simple pleasures.

Another small pleasure is that they’ve gone stone silent on human-caused Global Warming and even on its pathetic rebranding as Climate Change. Now, they actually talk about weather instead! The hoax is so obvious to so many that all save slavering ideologues hold their silence. And that focused silence says so much. Empty graveyards get more words of casual conversation since the fraud’s collapse into a rancid, smoldering heap over the past couple years.

Recently, I took this photo out on the coast. For some reason, that evening, a desire to know more about the sun’s energy output popped into my engineer’s brain. I also wondered what the energy use of all humanity was. And, finally, I wondered how they compared.

After ten minutes on the ‘net, I had all the numbers I needed for a rough calculation. It turns out that at the surface of the earth, the sun delivers an average of at least 25 watts each day for every square foot. And there are lots of square feet.

It also turns out that humans use a bunch of energy, around 15 terrajoules every year. That sure sounds like a Really Big Number, since the ‘terra’ part means 13 zeros after the ‘15’. But, when you compare it on a square foot basis, the fraction of human versus solar energy surprised me.

Did you know that all human endeavors, everywhere on the planet, by more than six billion people use only 1 three-millionth of what the sun delivers? ‘Lost in the noise’ would be a humongous overstatement of the comparison between miniscule Humanity and gargantuan Sol.

I’d never worked out the number before. But, now that I have, it’s not surprising that the climo-hoaxuals never mentioned it. Just like they never mention that Carbon Dioxide is only three one-hundredths of one percent of the atmosphere, while water vapor—by far a stronger greenhouse gas—is at least a hundred times more prevalent (by the way, humans and animals are around 90% water). That kind of deception is a con man’s trick as old as God’s Dog, like palming the pea in a shell game.

So, I ask myself, do I know of any other things that worry me in any way while being such a tiny part of the whole? No.

I don’t worry about anything like that except for a few very deadly poisons and some long-lived radioactive elements. And maybe Ebola. Surely, I never worry about anything as healthy, normal and natural as humans using energy to make better lives or the gas that we exhale and plants breathe.

Go outside. Enjoy some sun. Use some energy to make your life and your family’s lives better. And, for Heaven’s sake, don’t worry about it! However, you can feel free to mock the hucksters so eager to separate you from your hard-earned cash with their tattered flim-flam about the same topics.

As Abe Lincoln wisely observed,

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”    

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